When discussing your expectations with your bookkeeper especially in terms of the kind of task you want accomplished, it is important that your expectations are reasonable. It is easy to raise the bar when it comes to hiring a bookkeeper, but you will not get the results you want if you always put pressure on your bookkeeper.

For your business to prosper, with the help of a bookkeeper, you need to know their duties and responsibilities. From there, you will be able to set your own boundaries and adjust to your bookkeeper’s pace. You cannot expect results when you are asking too much from your bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers are expected to:

• Pay more attention to details. When dealing with numbers, it is important that bookkeepers are accurate with the information they provide you because it is easy to overlook these details. When your bookkeeper is paying serious attention to the data on your statement, it only goes to show they are detail-oriented.

• Be well-versed in accounting. Your bookkeeper should also have the ability to explain the details in much simpler terms so you will be able to understand the information.

• Make realistic suggestions. The statements bookkeepers make play an important role when it comes to giving you some recommendations on the actions you need to take for your business to have significant improvements.

• Be able to work without giving you a feeling that you need to remind them you exist.

• Have the ability to follow through. A bookkeeper should meet deadlines and accomplish goals that you set.

• Prepare a cash flow statement, balance sheet and statement of profit and loss on a monthly basis. These essential bookkeeping statements must be provided to you following a consistent deadline.

• Stick to their commitment. A reliable bookkeeper should provide a financial report in a timely fashion.

• Provide a reasonable price for the service. Bookkeepers who have substantial knowledge about their job will have an understanding of the service cost.

• Have a deeper understanding of the bookkeeping industry and the type of business they work for. Bookkeepers do not only concentrate on generating financial reports and interpreting figures. They are also known for providing advice and recommendations to business owners. Before you consider hiring a bookkeeper, make sure the company they are connected with has substantial experience dealing with various business industries.

• Know the ins and outs of bookkeeping software such as Reckon and MYOB. A bookkeeper must be computer literate for these duties to be executed properly.

• Have solid communication skills. Business owners communicate with their bookkeeper through emails, phone calls or even one on one conversation.

However, business owners can also lean towards embracing unrealistic or unreasonable expectations, oblivious to the fact that they will eventually breed frustration. It can still be avoided by ensuring that the business owner is clear with his or her expectations. It is unreasonable to expect a bookkeeper to stay in constant communication, answering your emails within minutes. It is also impossible to get a bookkeeper that will nod along with whatever they are told to because this can wreak havoc on your business as a result of business biases. A strong connection with your bookkeeper paves the way to a better professional relationship.

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