Business owners have already witnessed a significant transformation in the industry and these changes will continue to shake up the system in 2017. Whether you are still embracing traditional bookkeeping systems or moving towards a more advanced approach, it is worth knowing the latest technological trends that will make day to day tasks much easier for business owners and bookkeeping professionals.

1. Many businesses will move to the cloud.

The cloud technology has made it possible for many businesses to become more fluid than ever. With its ability to provide instant access to users regardless of their location, it now seems easy to collaborate in just a few clicks. Back in the day when businesses rely on hard-drive, it was difficult to change your bookkeeper. With the emergence of cloud technology, switching becomes a breeze. However, moving to the cloud technology is not enough to make a difference. It is also important that your cloud technology provider is also reliable.

As business owners realise the benefits of moving to the cloud technology, bookkeeping professionals must also be flexible. Since this is already the age of the paperless, more and more businesses are expected to move to the cloud in 2017.  It is inexpensive and convenient and it provides more flexibility to business owners as they can access the information at any given time.

2. Social media will play an important role in collaboration.

It cannot be denied that social media has been influential to many people these days. Aside from sharing information, it is also a great venue for collaboration. If you are in the process of building your brand, social media will also be instrumental to raising brand awareness.

3. Artificial intelligence in the workplace

If you have a small business, artificial intelligence is going to be a practical application. It is no longer surprising that businesses rely on chat bots to serve customers. A bot is also used for collecting information as it saves time and it is able to assist prospects and existing customers with general queries.

4. Business owners will be served properly by bookkeeping professionals.

The year will bring efficiency and flexibility to clients as brainstorming becomes possible. While technology has previously paved the way for collaboration to be easier, these changes have no signs of slowing down. They create a positive impact on business owners as they can view income statement and balance sheet without worries. These changes to how bookkeepers work will continue to thrive. Some business owners choose to embrace it while others ignore it.

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