The common misconception of small businesses is that they are not required to adapt to technology changes in order to survive. However, no one is spared from digital evolution. In fact, changes happen at the speed of light. Before you can adapt to the changes, the fast-paced technology will unveil another innovation for you to embrace. As enterprise or large businesses continue to search for innovative ways to remain competitive and relevant in the business, small businesses keep on struggling with handling the workload.

This is because they require additional people to get the job done. When automation enters the picture, it seems that small businesses continue to avoid it. They are plagued by the fact that they have to change the way things are done. These businesses are focusing on the perils of this new technology without realising that the good still outweighs the bad.

The first thing that will come to mind when talking about automation is artificial intelligence. Small businesses fear that robots will replace humans when it comes to carrying out tasks. The truth is, automation is a breath of fresh air for these businesses. There are more reasons to love automation than despise it.

1. It eliminates repetitive task.

How many times have you found yourself doing the same thing over and over again? A task which could have been completed in just a matter of days, may still be the same task you will be doing in the next couples of weeks. These tasks include sending invoice to customers, managing inventory and managing accounting and payroll. If these tasks are automated, more serious tasks can be delegated to employees.

2. It easily manages your team.

Automation makes it possible to manage virtual teams as you no longer have to require their physical presence when collaborating with them. More often than not, small businesses have employees from other countries, involve working remotely. When you manage teams from across the globe, automation will help you keep track of your the task’s progress. They can easily check their smartphones or any mobile device for updates on assigned task or upcoming meetings.

3. It ensures employee satisfaction and retention.

A small business will never grow without its employees. Automation ensures that your employees’ level of workplace satisfaction is increased. Since automation reduces human errors, it will be easier for business owners to identify employee productivity. There are also some automated tracking tools business owners can use to promote trust and transparency in the workplace. These tools will enable employees to tally the total hours they have worked.

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