For small business owners who cut corners to ensure survival, saving money should be a priority. No one is exempted from recession. However, trimming down expenses is not a good reason to set aside plans to grow your business. You may want to take a look at your spending habits for you to find out whether you are cutting costs or increasing efficiency. There are simple techniques you can use to streamline your business operations. These ways can create a positive impact on your business.

1. Automate Business Processes

Nowadays, businesses consider embracing technology as a wise move because it reduces repetitive tasks and operational costs. Have you ever heard of cloud technology? This technology enables business owners and employees to work efficiently. Mistakes are minimised and producitivity is increased when you switch to cloud. Technology reduces operational cost in more ways than one.

If you perceive payroll to be one of the greatest burdens of operating your business, incorporating payroll software will ensure that the data you enter is true and correct.

Another reason technology cuts costs, is by lowering marketing costs.Since traditional forms of marketing are not only outdated but also costly, it is important for businesses to be more effective and targeted in more ways than one.

You will also pay less on office supplies because of Skype and other voice technology services that make communication and collaboration much easier.

2.  Use Video Conferencing Tools

Travel expenses can also hurt your business. When you need to meet employees in another location, it will mean spending money to organise presentations and meetings. These days, there are video conferencing tools you can use for free. These tools allow you to touch base with your clients and employees anytime, anywhere. Location will never be a problem with this technology.

3. Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboard

When running a business, it is important you are aware of your company’s performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. KPIs help you understand how your company is performing at a glance. Even employees need to have KPIs as this is also a way to manage them. While it may be challenge to build KPIs at first, it will be a breeze with a lot of effort.

4. Use The Service You Paid For

It might be difficult to streamline your business if you are still sticking to traditional business processes. If you have paid for a service, why not use it? If you have signed up for a service you are not using, it is better to cancel them. You can always sign up again in a month if you do decide to use them. Keep in mind that the services are paid on a monthly basis and it will be an additional expense if you pay for it without using the service.


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