Bookkeeping is often avoided because of the responsibilities that it entails, but in the long run, business owners consider bookkeeping a necessity. Everyday, business owners are plagued with too many worries, most of which is due to the issues with their finances left unchecked. When you intend to expand your business, its financial aspect is the first thing you need to check. Is it effectively managed? Do you have enough cash to grow your business? These questions are going to be relevant because they will provide you an insight on the direction you are going to take.

5 common bookkeeping mistakes and ways to deal with them:

1.Not reporting sales tax. It is a common effort in bookkeeping to neglect sales tax, but this oversight can create a serious problem in the long run because it is a common reason for penalties and fines. If you have incorrect data entry, your business can suffer from a higher total sales amount. Make sure you have accurate sales tax. Discuss these important details with your bookkeeper if you see any discrepancies in the financial statement.

2. Poor communication. Another reason your business suffers is when you and your bookkeeper do not have strong communications. It is necessary that you keep your bookkeeper integrated and involved with your business activities. This way, your bookkeeper will be able to create financial statements that reflect your business’ true operational needs. Discuss the means of communication which both of you can be comfortable with.

3. Inaccurately tracking expenses and income. A bookkeeper should have the knowledge of formal bookkeeping practices. If the person you hired knows nothing about these tasks, you will have difficulty identifying the category that your income and expenses fall under. When you have accurate records on a monthly basis, you are not only encouraging proper filing system but also ensure consistent and clean records.

4. Poor record keeping. Receipts and other important documents must be kept because they are going to play an important role to your business. When accurate records are maintained, there is an assurance that you are saving time and money on your income taxes. You will have proper documentation if your business will be audited by ATO. You will also have accurate records to present and prevent a possibility of tax penalty. The records must be checked on a regular basis to ensure that there are no irregularities. A bookkeeper should consistently provide a report that a business owner can check and interpret.

5. Mishandling petty cash. One of the reasons business owners have problems with keeping track of expenses is due to bad petty cash management. You can prevent losing track of your petty cash if you set up a system, which will allow you to track the cash. You can also buy a petty cash lock box, which you can use for keeping receipts.

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