If you want to keep track of the time you spent on a particular task, time tracking is the way to go. Not only does it provide you greater peace of mind when it comes to estimating how much time you are actually spending on a specific task, you will also have the ability to adjust the pace in case you think your progress slows down. Time tracking is not just about getting the job done as fast as you can, it is also about accomplishing your projects in a timely and efficient manner.  A time tracker is beneficial to both clients and employees because aside from its effective way of tracking the amount of time spent on various projects, time tracking applications are also downloadable regardless of the device you have.

Reasons time tracking is a must:

•    You get accurate information of the time you spent.

Have you ever experienced losing track of time as you were engrossed in accomplishing a task assigned to you? As a bookkeeper, there are instances when you need to get the job done quickly so you can accommodate other tasks at hand. While most bookkeepers are compelled with multi-tasking, quality usually takes a backseat. With time tracking, you will be able to know the amount of time you need to finish a specific task without sacrificing quality. When you are keeping track of time, you can also pay attention to other crucial tasks such as invoicing, outsourcing and quoting. When you have an accurate account of your time, you will also improve your overall efficiency.

•    You become more efficient as an employee.

How many times have you caught yourself getting side tracked by social networking sites while letting an important task wait? When you are not focused on your task, you find it easy to check out post updates without realising that you are already wasting your time. However, if you have a time-tracker, you can stay focused on your task and set aside less important matters such as unnecessary web browsing. You can greatly improve your efficiency this way. You can also check actual time instead of ideal time. When you keep on challenging yourself, you are more likely to complete the task efficiently.

•    It is easy to outsource task to somebody else.

If you can easily identify where your time is allocated, you can determine whether or not you need to outsource the task to others. If you used to have difficulties completing certain tasks because you are unsure of the time you allocate, a time tracker can help you resolve such difficulties. You can also evaluate the time spent and determine if you are working efficiently. You can also use time tracking as a guide for booking other people to get the job done.

•    It reveals hidden time.

When you make it a habit to track your time, authenticity and integrity are ensured for both employees and client. No time will go unnoticed and you prevent multiple revisions and intensive project management.

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